Customised private tour on foot *)

I am curious about your interests. Why do you visit Amsterdam? What do you want to see? Based on your information, I can adapt the route we walk to your preferences. Group size up to 4 persons only!

Art, architecture, city design, history, hidden churches, museums, social institutions of the 17th century, water management, professions, industries, relics from your country - I know beautiful sites that will interest you. We will finish in one of Amsterdam's 40 historic cafés. Along the way you will learn about Dutch culture in the past and present.

*) If you have rented a bicycle, we can do a tour by bike

Bicycle tour to the Amsterdam wetlands

Only two kilometers north of Amsterdam you are in the green wetlands, full of water birds. A birdwatchers paradise. Houses here are made of wood - otherwise they would sink in the soil because of their weight.

The water level in the canals is just below road level. Cows are grazing 3 meters down, in the juicy fields of the polders.
On the way we visit the wooden village of Broek in Waterland.
You will need a good condition, as we will climb the Dutch mountains - the bridges and dykes along the way. We will need 4 to 5 hours and good weather. Don't forget to pack it!

What is going on in the museums of Amsterdam and beyond

There is more than the blockbusters in Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh. We have over 75 museums. Cities as Haarlem end Leiden are just a comfortable train ride away and worth a visit.

I particularly like seeing how people lived in their 17th and 18th century houses. We have beautiful museums in the Jewish quarter, including the Hermitage where you can find the paintings of the 17th century City Guards, and the Rembrandt House, where the famous painter lived from 1639 to 1658.

Where and what to eat and drink

I like to eat in the best restaurants of the world. But there are excellent restaurants in Amsterdam too and I have eaten there, so I can advise you first hand.

And of course there is street food. Where to eat the best Dutch Herring? Looking for a drink in a modern or historic cafe? Where to taste Dutch craft beers, and where to sample fine Belgian trapist beers or 20-year-old Dutch jenever (gin)?