Treat yourself to a wonderful day

Amsterdam is a fantastic city to visit, full of history and beauty. Walk along the famous 17th century canals, which were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, and admire the blend of old and new architecture. Discover shops. Meet locals and tourists in scenic cafés.
The famous bikes of Amsterdam pass you by. Their sounds of pedalling and ringing of bells are the beating heart of Amsterdam, splashed with vibrant colours and stacked neatly, side by side, like books on a shelf. Every cobbled street and centuries-old tilted building has its own story waiting to be discovered.

Amsterdam is a fantastic city to live and work in. I was born here, raised here and after studying for two years to become your personal guide – I can share with you the real story of Amsterdam, tailored to your interests. I can advise you on the best restaurants, because I have eaten there myself. Likewise, I have seen all recent exhibitions.

Let's stop off at a quiet hidden gem cafe to rest and digest the tour and indulge in traditional Dutch pub delicacies.

Do yourself a great favour and treat yourself to a wonderful day.


Customised private
tour on foot

At the end of a two-hour walk, I'll invite you to one of Amsterdam's 40 historic cafés. Along the way you will learn about Dutch culture in the past and present.
1 to 4 persons only.

Bicycle tour to
Amsterdam wetlands

North of Amsterdam lie the blue-grey painted wooden houses of Broek in Waterland. We return via polders, small hamlets and dykes.
Only if you bring good weather!

What to see
in 75 museums

What are the must sees and temporary exhibitions in our world-class museums? Which canal houses are open to the public?

Where to eat
in the best restaurants

Where do delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere go together? What is the difference between Dutch food and New Dutch Cuisine?

Amsterdam's 17th century city in numbers


km canals

lined with elm trees
in the city



the oldest arch bridge
dates from 1648



from old and
modern times



overnight guests
in 2019